A Year of Microgreens
A Year of Microgreens

A Year of Microgreens

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Super Easy to Grow—Harvest in 2 Weeks.

You receive 12 months of microgreens—all in one box.

Microgreens are some of the most nutritious and easiest-to-grow plants. They thrive indoors on countertops and windowsills, meaning you can grow them year-round, even in cold climates. So, what are microgreens exactly? They’re vegetable seedlings in their first stage of growth, in other words, plant babies. Microgreens have mega benefits:

          🌱   Up to 40x more nutritious than mature plants.

          🌱   Rich sources of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene.

          🌱   Low in oxalates, which are natural compounds present in many foods. A diet high in oxalates can negatively affect the body.


           🌱  12 packs of microgreen seeds; one for every month of the year. 

           🌱  Premium felt grow pot

           🌱  Proprietary organic soil

           🌱  Detailed instructions for planting, caring for, and harvesting your microgreens