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Features a kitchen garden kit + masterclass for growing organically.


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The sustainable & easy way to grow the healthiest, best tasting organic veggies in small spaces! We grow in rich soil - the way nature intended it.

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NEW! Rare varieties grown from organic seeds and shipped at peak readiness for transplanting!

Gets you to harvest 6-8 weeks sooner!


Grow your own organic food in soil with the Planted Wall—no costly hydroponic solutions or weekly pH testing. Gardening as nature intended.

This vertical container gardening system self-waters and self-fertilizes, saving you time, space and water.

And to make edible gardening even easier, the Planted Wall is bundled with a seedling and soil replenishment subscription and on-demand garden training.



Access our Spring Garden Guide - it's your pocketbook guide for everything you need to know about growing organically in small spaces!

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My garden wall is simply fantastic! It’s easy to care for and I love being able to go pick fresh greens and add to the meal I am making. Plus it looks beautiful and adds a stunning visual to my back patio.


Just want to say… I am very very new to gardening. My kids teased me when I started my wall, because I kill everything. The planted wall is easy to set up, and the tutorials and personal attention make it a pleasure. I actually am eating what I am growing!!!


I love that I know I’m eating the freshest produce that is pesticide free, all organic, and growing in the richest soil. I can taste the difference. It’s so easy to grow!


When I think about the amount of money I spend at Whole Foods only to let things go to waste, there is no doubt in my mind about the benefits of having living greens growing at arm’s reach. The thing practically maintains itself. This is such a well-researched and informed approach to micro-gardening even in the most urban and garden-unfriendly venues.


What was really wonderful was, you know, you have so much support. There's one thing to go to a store and buy everything and put it together yourself. So, it was really exciting to have that help.

Sustainable DESIGN
Built to Last

The Planted Wall outdoor vertical gardening system is crafted in the U.S. from corrosion-proof aluminum, just like high-quality patio furniture! Did you know? Aluminum is infinitely recyclable! The Planted Wall is lightweight, on wheels and easy to move.

This double-sided vertical
container garden holds up to 36 organic veggies but only takes up the space of a person. So you can put it almost anywhere! Think patios, balconies, and other small areas.

Pre-Grown Organic

The Planted Wall comes bundled with a seedling and soil replenishment subscription. By planting pre-grown seedlings, you're able to harvest your veggies sooner.

With your subscription, we also send you organic soil, fertilizer and amendments, so you always have what you need to replenish your garden.

We Support You As You Grow

Our Founder and CEO Christy Ross shares details about the Planted Wall and Membership.

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Green Thumb Not Required

We know that gardening can be intimidating. Planted Places takes the guesswork out of the equation.

When you buy a Planted Wall, you automatically get access to our hands-on garden training, members-only website and private Facebook group, where our experts can answer your questions.

Hey! I'm Christy!

And I am on a mission to help people live their healthiest life possible. 

The bottom line is that growing food in living soil at home is better for you than buying produce at the grocery store and I am on a mission to show people how easy and rewarding it can be. It's important for our health and for our planet!

So, let's get our hands dirty and grow good-for-you food!

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