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Seasonal Veggie Kits

Start growing a bountiful harvest this Spring with our exclusive Seasonal Veggie Kits! Place your order NOW for delivery in April while they're in stock.

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ArugulaRed Cross ButterheadGreen CrispheadGreen RomaineKale (Assorted)

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Featured Seedlings

Want to add extra seedlings to your order?Take a look at this months selection and we'll do our best to accommodate your seedling choices!

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1/2 Gallon Grow Pots - Pack of 61/4 Gallon Grow Pots - Pack of 2Metal Stakes – Pack of 6Farmers Market BagPruning Clippers

The Essentials

Pots and Tools

Need any extra pots or tools for your Planted garden?

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Biolive SoilWorm Castings – 18 TablespoonsMycorrhizal Fungi Powder – 18 TeaspoonsMicrogreen Soil – Year SupplyFish Emulsion

The Necessities

Amendments and Soil

We have all the extra amendments and soil if you need extras!

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Planted Wall Hex PotPlanted Wall Water Pump KitSolar Panel AttachmentPlanted Wall Irrigation Plumbing KitWiFi Timer

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Planted Vertical Wall Accessories

If you have a Planted Wall that needs some TLC, you're in the right place. We have all the extra goodies you need!

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