Grow Your Green Thumb Bootcamp - Digital Course

Grow Your Green Thumb Bootcamp - Digital Course

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A Boot Camp for Small-Space Edible Gardening 

In just one week, Grow Your Green Thumb shows you how to create and maintain a small-space, edible garden in containers. If you have minimal time and space and want to learn an organic gardening method that WORKS, you need Grow Your Green Thumb.

This concise digital masterclass is like the “Cliff Notes” of small space gardening. We tell you exactly what you need to know to grow organic leafy greens and herbs in containers.

In the course, you get:

  • Easy-to-understand video tutorials 
  • Recorded trainings and Q&A's with our experts

The best part? Grow Your Green Thumb requires no prior gardening experience and minimal time.

By the end of the Boot Camp, you'll be able to:

•    Know all the secrets that the pros use to grow leafy greens & herbs.
•    Harvest microgreens and enjoy all the nutrition they can offer
•    Grow delicious herbs to compliment and dish or cocktail
•    Enjoy a gorgeous garden kitchen

Grow Your Green Thumb is Just the Beginning 

By the end of course, you’ll have the ability to grow even more in a vertical garden. You’ll see how our members grow in the Planted Wall, a vertical gardening system that’s self-watering and self-fertilizing—as close to set it and forget it as organic gardening can be. Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp Participants get our deepest discount ever offered on the Planted Wall!

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