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Grow up to 36 plants with the Planted Wall. All you need is a small area that gets 4-6 hours of sunlight. The Planted Wall is on wheels, so it's easy to move as the sunlight changes through the seasons.

The Planted Wall comes bundled with seedlings and training, known as the Planted Membership, so you get everything you need to grow successfully on a recurring basis. YOU'RE IN CONTROL - you decide when and how often to receive seedlings. You only pay when you receive seedlings.

Planted Wall – $525
Bundled with a year round replenishments of organic certified seedlings based on your preferred shipment frequency.
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Vertical Gardening System
Everything Needed to Grow Successfully

Durable Planted Wall: powder-coated aluminum frame, made for outdoor, harsh environments. Non-corrosive and infinitely recyclable, just like high-end patio furniture.

Certified Organic Seedlings: Your purchase includes enough seedlings to fill your Plante Wall. They get replenished throughout the year with the membership.

Recirculating Watering System saves water and includes pump, irrigation system, valves, inline filter, and self-cleaning emitters. Saves water,

9-Gallon Premium Water Basin with float valve for automatic water refilling.

Sturdy Pots 

Proprietary Organic Soil rich in microbial activity for growing healthy plants.

Essential Organic Soil Amendments and Garden Tools for sustainable gardening.

Garden Training and Ongoing support with access to our private online community, so you can learn as you go.

Members-Only Website, VIP pricing and Deep-Dive Workshops with tutorials, monthly care guides, and video support to ensure your success.

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Grow Sustainably All Year Long

The Planted Wall is a self-watering and self-fertilizing vertical garden system! It maximizes the number of plants you can grow because you plant the seedlings vertically. Plus, you use less soil and water than with a traditional garden because each plant grows in its own pot and the water recirculates.

Growing in soil takes carbon out of the air. You CAN make an impact with your small footprint of garden space!

Organic & Fresh
Seasonal Seedlings

Planted Places' mission is to help you grow your own food in living soil—the easiest way possible. That means we grow with the seasons and provide only the freshest, healthiest seedling varieties that grow in the current climate conditions. Take a look to see which seedlings are currently available!

In every shipment, you'll receive top-performing low-maintenance seedlings for your gardening enjoyment. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Plant. Eat. Repeat.

We provide you with everything you need to grow year round! You take care of your health and the planet at the same time! The box arrives, follow the instructions for planting, place pots on the wall, and watch it grow in!

We Believe Soil is Best
Growing in Soil is the Healthiest Way to Grow

Soil is a living thing, and it contains a superhighway of microbial activity and carbon, which fuels the planet. As it turns out, the human microbiome has similar microbial activity. So it makes sense to grow the food that sustains us in soil.

Planted Places' proprietary soil is loaded with the stuff plants need to produce mega nutrients for us to consume and free of harmful pesticides.

Soil stores carbon and removes CO2 from our atmosphere. So when we grow in soil, we help our planet.

Grow in Soil for your Health - and save the planet at the same time.

Turn Your Dream Into a Reality
How one customer created just that!

Our customer tells us how she took her passion for cooking and created delicious meals daily for her family from her Planted Wall garden.

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