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Earthworm Casting Tea – 1 Quart

Earthworm Casting Tea – 1 Quart

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VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea is a liquid plant nutrient derived from earthworm castings. It is a great source of helpful microbes to enhance the health of the soil and the plants.

This product is an 8 month supply.

How To Use VermisTerra: Earthworm Casting Tea

Felt Grow Pots (Soil):
Worm Tea  2 oz/gallon every 14 days
Vitality Liquid Castings 2 oz/ gallon every month

Planted Wall (Reservoir):
Worm Tea 1 oz weekly or 2 oz every other week
Vitality 1/2 oz weekly or 1 oz every other week

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