Top 6 Ways to Decorate Like a Boho Pro

In some way or another, every Bohemian-themed space is filled with vibrancy and color. It is an eclectic and laidback style without many decorating rules. When it comes to Boho style, you're decorating your home for your enjoyment, first and foremost. Bringing life into a Boho-inspired room can be done in a variety of ways. One of our favorites is to fill a space with plants, especially ones you can eat!

Plants are colorful, lively, textured, and natural, and they can be incorporated into spaces in so many fun and interesting ways. Whether the plants are and hanging from the ceiling with macrame, framed in living walls or planted in ceramic pots, plants are an essential part of any Bohemian-themed room. Integrating greenery into your decor will help you turn your space into a Bohemian haven. 

You can place ornamental plants throughout your home and edible ones in your kitchen, dining areas and outdoor spaces. Is there anything more Boho than growing your own food? Keep reading for ways you can bring plants into your home to up your Boho home decor.

1. Style with Edible Plants

Growing your own food is the epitome of a Bohemian-inspired lifestyle. And leafy greens, herbs and edible flowers can amp up your outdoor Boho style. Consider growing herbs and leafy greens in containers. Your plants will do double-duty as decor and healthy food!

If you want to grow more veggies, try the Planted Wall. It's the ultimate Boho edible garden. You can grow food almost carefree as it's self-watering and self-fertilizing. 

2. Add to Your Art Collection with Decorative Succulent Planters

If you don’t have much wall space, you can use smaller, decorative hanging wall planters that come in all shapes and sizes. This is a great opportunity to add texture to your walls and highlight natural materials such as wood or various metals to elevate your boho theme. You can even get creative with this and find a couple of shapes and styles that you like and hang them on a wall with some of your other art pieces to create a layered look. 

Mixing and matching of any kind is a great way to decorate a Boho-inspired space and putting your art next to small decorative wall planters is a great way to do it!

3. Make Succulents Table Centerpieces

Succulents are not only attractive and trendy but they also bring great textures and colors into your space. Filling an interesting wooden shape with succulents is a great way to showcase these cool cacti in an inventive way! You can find a wooden frame shape that highlights your style and adds character to your table. 

4. Get Crafty with Macrame and Hang Your Plants in Every Corner

Decorating your home with macrame is another easy way to tap into your inner Boho. There are a variety of ways that you can use macrame alongside plants to add texture, colors, and style to your Boho themed home. If you’re in the mood to get crafty you can make one of these yourself! All you need to do is get your hands on some macrame yarn or jersey fabric at your local craft store and gather some household tools. That, along with some handy braiding and clever knot tying will get you your very own hanging plant holder.

If you’re not in the mood to make one of these yourself, there are a ton of places where you can find macrame plant hangers. You might be lucky enough to stumble upon one at your favorite home goods store or with a simple Google search you will have a variety of these fun accents at your fingertips in seconds.

5.  Bring Your Outdoor Boho Space to Life with Plants

Outdoor Boho Fireplace Patio Decor

There is no reason why you should keep your Boho decor inside! You can bring old outdoor furniture back to life with colored pillows and textured throw blankets, and you can position them around plants to create an outdoor Boho Sanctuary. You can also re-purpose vintage and antique finds from flea markets by turning them into the perfect outdoor pots. Vintage and antique finds are a great way to decorate your Boho space and there is nothing more Boho than turning them into new homes for your plants.

6. Cover the Walls With Pocket Planters

Cover your walls with greenery! If you’re dedicated to your Boho theme, you might find that you have more plants than places to sit! Wall pocket planters will add vibrancy and texture to your walls the same way any beautiful piece of art would. You can find wall pocket planters in a variety of sizes and some systems are modular so you can start small and keep your masterpiece growing. Don’t let care and maintenance scare you away from adding a living wall to your home. You can attach watering systems to your living walls that will keep your plants hydrated. These systems are also built to be indoors so you won’t have to worry about leakage or water damage.


The carefree nature of decorating a Boho-inspired space tends to carry over from one's decor into your lifestyle. Decorating with the laid-back, vibrant and colorful mindset that builds a Boho-themed space will begin to impact your frame of mind, and you will find your creativity and free spirit coming out the more time you spend in your Boho haven. Using plants as part of your Boho decor will help you bring natural beauty into your home, supporting and growing this relaxed mindset. Plus, choosing to grow edible plants can nourish your mind and body.