Grow Organic Greens
Year Round

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$650 (17 Pots, 1 Sided)

68" high, 22" wide and 21" deep. 

3 columns of pots with 18 varieties.


$900 (33 Pots, 2 Sided)

68" high, 22" wide and 21" deep. 

3 columns of pots with 33 varieties on both sides of wall.


Comes with Everything you Need to get Started

Wall Cart & Recirculating Watering System

Organic Seedlings & Soil Amendments

Pots and Soil blend

Custom Care Guides


If you started with a 1-sided Farm Wall, you can add the back side here.  

Add the back side here

Nothing like this in the Marketplace

The Organic Planted Wall System comes with everything you need to get started...Mobile Vertical Growing system, proprietary soil and fertilizers, and organic seedlings.

  • Organic greens (leafy greens, micro-greens, herbs and edible flowers) - with proprietary organic soil to fill pots.
  • Mobile Wall System - complete with recirculating pump, irrigation system, and timer.
  • Seedling Replenishment program - year round seedling shipments with nutrient dense soil and amendments delivered on demand.
  • Custom curated seedlings, including many rare and heirloom varieties you’ll never find in your local grocery store or garden center.
  • Complete custom crafted mobile wall unit with different size options.
  • Tutorial, care guides, and video support to ensure your organic farming success

Customer's Love

I love it because I can go right outside my door to cut fresh basil. 

I know I’m eating something pesticide free, something with wonderful soil, all organic, and gets me in touch with my food.  

Kat, Carmel, CA

I never go out to dinner anymore because I just love my salads.

Sylvia, Los Gatos, CA