Optimal Health and Wellness: How Gardening Can Support Your Goals

Is achieving optimal health and wellness one of your goals this year? Then you may want to consider gardening. Why? Because gardening has some long-reaching benefits that can help you reach your goal! 

Optimal health and wellness mean different things to different people. So, whether you want to get in shape, eat healthy foods, get more active or even spend your time more wisely, gardening can help! Let’s learn how it can support you.

Shows the legs of a person wearing jeans and black boots standing outside near a metal bowl filled with just-cut leafy greens. Growing your own food can be part of a plan to reach optimal health and wellness.

Sustainability Goals Can Be Part of a Plan for Optimal Health and Wellness

Cultivating more sustainable habits in the new year is an admirable goal! And, frankly, it’s probably one of the most important things you can do to create a better world for yourself and your family. And, gardening can help! 

Gardening is one of the most sustainable ways to feed yourself and learn better land stewardship practices. You’ll also be shocked by how much it reduces food waste and decreases food packaging waste! It also reduces the miles that your food travels to reach your table! 

So, whether you are growing just a few things or an entire garden, you’ll certainly be taking solid steps towards your goals for a more sustainable lifestyle!

Health and Fitness Goals

Gardening is a proven way to increase your physical activity! It gets you up, gets you away from those screens, and gets you outside! Even if you are gardening on an apartment patio, it’s still a great way to get some fresh air! And, you might be surprised to find yourself more willing to go for that walk/jog or do that workout after spending some time tending your garden plants! Plus, freshly harvested food that’s grown in living soil will provide you with endless health benefits and nutrients! 

Mental Health Goals

Gardening has also been linked to increased mental health and well-being. Even spending just a few minutes each day tending to your garden can increase calmness and promote mental clarity and focus. Studies have even shown that connecting with nature can help reduce negative thoughts! To learn more about the connection between gardening and mental health, check out the book The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith

Overall Well-Being Means Optimal Health and Wellness

Regardless of what your goals are for 2022, gardening can help strengthen your connection with yourself, nature, and others. Gardening can provide time to make memories with your family and friends, whether you are planting new seedlings or cooking up a fresh meal! 

How Gardening with Planted Places Sets You Up For Success

Whatever your goals are for optimal health and wellness, gardening can help! And Planted Places is ready to make gardening even more fun, sustainable and achievable for you through our Planted Wall vertical gardening system. When you choose to grow food with Planted Places, you receive organically grown seedlings and gardening supplies delivered directly to your doorstep plus training and custom support! Planted Places makes it easy to grow your own food because we show you how to do it, step by step.