Membership Perk: Workshops With a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Many of our members grow leafy greens and herbs with the Planted Wall because they want to look out for their health. In fact, Planted Places' founder Christy Ross was inspired to start this company because some health issues forced her to evaluate her diet.  

But did you know? Fruits and vegetables begin losing nutrients as soon as they're harvested. "University of California studies show that vegetables can lose 15 to 55 percent of vitamin C, for instance, within a week. Some spinach can lose 90 percent within the first 24 hours after harvest," the Chicago Tribune reported. So, eating fresh-picked produce can help us maximize our nutrient intake.

Planted Places Supports Your Healthy Eating Goals

Growing certified organic greens and harvesting them just before their intended meal is one way Planted members support their health goals. And we support our members by providing them with online nutrition workshops and resources. Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist Mary Sheila Gonnella of Occidental Nutrition is one of our partners.

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist Mary Sheila Gonnella of Occidental Nutrition​​

The nutrition consultant and educator shares her vast knowledge about dietary choices and how they can support our health. For example, in one member webinar, Mary Sheila discussed growing leafy greens and the gut health benefits that go along with it. In another session, she talked about blood sugar and the role leafy greens play.

"Food is a true form of medicine because we do it every single day… I'm not dogmatic with people needing to be vegan or vegetarian or paleo or keto. I sometimes find that things work for different people, but I am dogmatic about a plant-forward diet," 

Mary Sheila

A Small Garden is Beneficial

One of the things we love about working with Mary Sheila is that she believes baby steps can have a big impact. She has a practical philosophy about growing your own food, which she first heard from a dear friend.

"If you can put a little bit of something in each meal, like go outside and harvest…like some greens and put them in with your meal… you're getting that extra nutrition because it's so fresh."

The Planted Wall meets this kind of low-stress gardening philosophy. First, you grow a manageable number of leafy greens and herbs. Then you harvest just what you need to add to a meal for that extra nutrition boost.

Planted Wall Vertical Garden​​

Mary Sheila Gonella, NC, BCHN

Meet Mary Sheila and get a feel for the wealth of information she brings to Planted members in the video below.

Photo shows an inset of Mary Sheila and says Sneak Peek Inside the Planted Membership - Interview With Holistic Nutrition.