How to Make an Herbal Bath Tea

Thanks for checking out Planted Places’ Herbal Bath Tea How-To created by our partner Lianna Soap. Just click the button below to download your copy. If you’re wondering what a bath tea is or who we are, please read on.

Bath Tea Basics

A bath tea is a pouch or tea bag filled with herbs that may be beneficial for soothing aches and pains, softening the skin, and calming stress. Since it's not great for your plumbing to add herbs directly to the tub, you fill a mesh pouch or tea bag with your herbs and let it "steep" in your bathwater.

What is Planted Places?

Planted Places is the maker of the innovative Planted Wall, an outdoor vertical gardening system for sustainably growing produce. The Planted Wall is designed to be EASY to grow nutrient-dense greens and herbs—no matter your space or location. 

Plus, we teach you how to grow food in an accessible way. Every product we offer is small-space friendly and great for beginner gardeners or those looking for a raised-bed alternative.

Planted Wall Vertical Garden located on a wooden patio in a backyard.

Membership Benefits

Planted Places not only sends you everything you need to grow leafy greens and herbs, but we also show you how to garden through easy-to-follow online training sessions and a slew of resources. We also give our members tips and tricks for using their greens and herbs, including recipes and how-tos for whipping up self-care products. Here’s your chance to access one of our member how-tos for making your own herbal bath tea.