Top 5 Reasons to Love Fall Gardening with Kaylee Vaughn

Fall usually isn't the season that comes to mind when most people think of vegetable gardening. However, autumn is an amazing time to dig in. Gardening coach Kaylee Vaughn of Rooted Revival is growing herbs and leafy greens in our Vertical Farm Wall and shares gardening tips with our members each week.

Kaylee loves to grow food in the fall. "If you live in an area with a mild climate, you may even be able to grow all winter long! In some very hot climates, fall is actually one of the best times of year to grow! But even if you don't live in a mild climate, don't overlook a fall garden. Even with frosts on the way, there is still plenty of time to grow and harvest some amazing veggies, herbs and greens," the garden guru said. Here are Kaylee's 5 top reasons to love fall gardening.

Reason #1: Skip the Heat!

While some plants (like melons, tomatoes, and peppers) need heat to thrive, not all plants feel the same way! In fact, many plants will do better in cooler temperatures. But the biggest bonus is for the gardener! If you’ve ever endured a hot, sweaty summer in the garden, you know why! Fall means fresh crisp air that makes gardening a joy instead of a chore!

Reason #2: Greens Galore!

Most greens don’t love the heat so fall is the time to capitalize on growing greens and lettuces! Most greens prefer temperatures around 60-70oF and many will even tolerate light frosts! Plus, they aren’t as quick to turn bitter and bolt, so you can enjoy better-tasting greens for much longer!

Reason #3: Less Watering

In most regions, fall means cooler temperatures and more moisture/rainfall. If you’ve had a long, dry summer, this will be a relief to both you and your plants because you won’t need to water them as often. During cooler temps, the soil will be able to maintain moisture levels much better. If you have automatic irrigation, don’t forget to adjust your watering schedule for fall!

Reason #4: Fewer Pests

Yes, you read that right: cooler temperatures mean fewer pests to deal with! Can I get an “amen” for that?! As temperatures drop and daylight hours lessen, so will the pests. While certain species will still hang around, a lot of pests have already bedded down for the season, especially if you live in a cooler region. If you struggled during the height of summer with pests, then fall is the perfect time for you to enjoy gardening!

Reason #5: Extended Growing Season & Space

If your summer garden left you feeling a little disappointed or wanting more, then a fall garden is definitely for you! Growing during the cool season can significantly increase your growing season by several months!

A fall garden can also be a great way to squeeze more growth into a limited garden space! If you are short on room, then you will definitely want to capitalize on the fall-growing season. Once your summer plants are spent, you can replenish the soil and replant with crops that can tolerate cool weather and light frosts, allowing you to virtually double your growing space!

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