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APRIL 23, 2019

Florafelt Pocket Panels Blog

Sun-loving Succulents and Grasses Living Wall

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AUGUST 21, 2019

Add Succulents to your College Living Space

How to build your Succulent Living Wall Kit and brighten up even the smallest living spaces.

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AUGUST 21, 2019

Impress your guests at your next summer BBQ

How to add a Vertical Garden to your outdoor living space.

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JUNE 15, 2019

Top 6 Ways to Decorate Like a Boho Pro

Tips on using plants to create that Boho-chic look.

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MAY 31, 2019

Q&A With Heather Markway

Horticulturalist, blogger, and self proclaimed plant nerd.

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MAY 28, 2019

Bring Plants In, Let Stress Go

How to use plants to detoxify your life

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MAY 14, 2019

Caring for your Indoor Leafy Living Wall

Optimizing light, humidity and temperature to help your plants to thrive.

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APRIL 29, 2019

Mother's Day Succulent Gift Basket

Use the natural beauty of succulents this Mother's Day to show how much you care

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