How it Works

Get Planted

How it Works

Get Planted

FIRST. Pick a Planted growing style

Do you prefer to chop or blend your greens? Are you a chef or a health nut? What are your food and nutrition goals?

NEXT. Choose how much you want to grow

The more you grow, the better you feel! Actually, we want you to succeed so if you are new to the garden start small. We know you will grow!

AND. How often you want it delivered

Monthly, every other month, or with the seasons? You can change your membership anytime, so as they say, “make hay while the sun is shining!”

THEN. Decide if you want to grow vertically or not.

Vertical walls and container gardens of all shapes and sizes! You can transform your space with our walls and container options!


Membership Perks

Your membership ALSO includes cooking classes and recipes, yoga, grounding, and of course… Edible gardening classes!

Choose a Theme


Grow your nutrients! This selection contain all the enriched heavy hitters!

Choose Quantity and Frequency


Grow a gorgeous assortment of flavors and colors with a sprinkle of seasonal herbs.

Choose Quantity and Frequency


You will receive a seasonal selection of nutrient dense leafy greens, lettuces and herbs.

Choose Quantity and Frequency


You can order nothing but basil one month and a full assortment the next!

Choose Quantity and Frequency

We ship. You grow.


4-6 hours a day


your attention matters


balance is everything

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