Learn to Grow Food in the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp

One of our goals is to make growing organic food in soil accessible for all. We believe that everyone has a green thumb—you just need a little know-how to nurture it. That's why we created the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp. It's a low-commitment, affordable and easy way for beginners to grow things you can eat! How cool is that?

What's the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp?

In this week-long mini-course, you will learn how to grow food. You'll receive a growing kit with everything you need, including seedlings and microgreen seeds. Our garden coaches will show you how to care for your plants via short and easy-to-follow lessons throughout the week. Their approach makes it easy to learn how to garden. You'll also receive lifetime access to our online community, where you can ask questions and receive guidance from our experts and other people just like you!

What Will You Grow?

You will grow six organic leafy greens and herbs plus microgreens! So, imagine growing your own salad—because you will! In fact, you'll be harvesting your nutrient-rich microgreens at the end of the week! And, because you receive organic starter plants (aka seedlings), you'll quickly see results.

How Much Space Do I Need?

You're container gardening with the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp, so you don't need much space. Our customers grow on patios and balconies. The grow pots are only 5.5-inches in diameter. So, you can move them around to maximize sunlight. 

What Happens After the Week's Over?

Around the 30-day mark, your leafy greens and herbs should be ready for you to use in cooking, smoothies or salads! You can also join the Planted Places membership to continue growing your own food.

Here's the Best Part of the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp

When you learn to grow food, even on a small scale, you gain so much confidence in being self-reliant. You're also taking charge of the foods you're eating. You're growing nutrient-dense organic leafy greens and herbs to fuel a healthy lifestyle. Our next boot camp begins on Earth Day, Friday, April 22. Sign up for the waitlist to be first in line to join.