How to Easily Grow Your Own Food with Planted Places

Planted Places was founded on the belief that growing the healthiest food possible and eating it at the peak of freshness is the epitome of healthy living. But we know that not everyone has a green thumb, gardening space or lots of time to care for plants. That's why we created a kitchen gardening kit that makes it easy to grow your own food and takes up little space.

Planted Places Outdoor Gardening Kit: Grow Vertically or In Containers

With Planted Places, you can choose to grow with our Planted Wall vertical garden or in containers.

With the Planted Wall, members stack their plants in our freestanding cart. The best part? The Planted Wall is self-watering and self-fertilizing! In addition, it maximizes the number of plants you can grow because you plant the seedlings vertically, not horizontally like in a raised-bed garden. 

You can also quickly check plant health with the Planted Wall. Since your plants are vertical, you can catch things that are easy to miss in the middle of a raised bed. What's another benefit of the Planted Wall? Growing plants vertically saves you from the backbreaking work of traditional gardening.

Imagine growing your own greens at home and harvesting just what you need. You can do that with Planted Places vertical gardening kit or container gardening kit.
Planted Places Planted Wall​​

Planted Wall members also appreciate that their wall has wheels. With traditional gardens and raised beds, you're limited to areas that get the most sunlight. But what if you don't have room for a garden in those spots? The Planted Wall takes care of that concern because you can move it with the sun. 

If you're not ready to commit to the Planted Wall, you can grow in containers. Of course, you can always decide to upgrade to the Planted Wall in the future.

Resilient Seedlings

We want you to be successful in growing your own food, meaning you're producing enough greens to skip buying them at the store. Therefore, we designed our gardening kit memberships for success. Since many of our members are gardening newbies, we only send you rigorously tested and beginner-friendly seedlings. You also get to choose the number of seedlings and shipment frequency with a Planted Membership. Then, in just 2 to 4 weeks after your seedlings arrive, you can begin harvesting!

Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Food

With a Planted Places Membership, you will receive all the gardening tools and supplies to care for your plants, such as living organic soil. We also give you resources to help you handle issues that may arise, like tiny bugs that love leafy greens. What won't we send you? Chemicals. Planted Places enables you to garden organically without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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Example of Planted Places Planted Box Membership Container Garden​​

We Grow Along with You

The Planted Places team holds weekly video tutorials that explain how to care for your seedlings, giving you a reference for your plants. You can see us in the test garden growing right along with you. And if you have questions, you can send them to us, and we'll help you troubleshoot through PlantedMD.

What Kind of Vegetables Can You Grow with a Planted Places Membership?

You can choose to grow all types of herbs, lettuce, leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, and more with Planted Places. Each month, you will be able to select your seedlings. If you need help deciding what to grow, we can choose for you. You can view our seasonal availability on the Planted Places website.

Here's Why Soil is Best

As a living thing, soil contains a superhighway of microbial activity and carbon that fuels the planet. Since the human body's microbiome has that same activity, it makes sense to grow the food that sustains us in soil. You receive Planted Places' proprietary soil with your membership. It's free of harmful pesticides and loaded with the stuff plants need to produce mega nutrients. Additionally, soil stores carbon and removes CO2 from our atmosphere. So when you grow in soil, you're making a big difference for the planet.

Read up on how to easily grow your own food with Planted Places vertical garden kit. It
Side View of Planted Places Planted Wall​​

You Get More Than Just an Outdoor Gardening Kit

At Planted Places, we believe in appreciating the balance of life. So, with a Planted Membership, you can get grounded with our exclusive yoga classes. You can also learn how to cook with what you're growing. We give you seasonal recipes that incorporate what's growing in your garden. You can also have fun with us as we challenge you to #GetYourGreens through recipes and unique ways to enjoy what you grow in dressings, teas, smoothies, marinades, salsas, stir-fries and more!