Growing Your Own Food: Tips To Get Back on Track With Gardening

Was growing your own food one of your to-do's last spring? Throughout the year, it’s not uncommon to lose sight of our well-intentioned goals! Luckily, each day is a fresh start!

If you're looking to try growing your own food again, we’re here to help! Planted Places is committed to making gardening as easy and accessible as possible! Here are tips from our resident garden expert, Kaylee Vaughn, for getting your garden back on track.

When growing your own food with Planted Places, you get monthly shipments of pre-grown organic edible plant seedlings from Planted Places. The image shows six seedlings with roots in soil wrapped in tissue with the leafy greens uncovered.

Remember Your “Why” for Growing Your Own Food

Chances are, you started gardening for a reason that is very dear to your heart. Maybe it was to increase your health, have fresh food available for your family, or create a beautiful space full of edible plants! Whatever your reason, now's the time to revisit it! Take a few minutes to remember why you wanted to garden. Jot it down and make your intentions are known to your family and loved ones, so they can help support you!

Create Realistic and Achievable Goals

Next, take a few minutes to reflect on last year and previous years. What went wrong? What went right? Were there things that made gardening more or less enjoyable for you? Take some time to reflect on these things and then build some realistic goals around them.

Recommit Regardless of the Outcomes

Once you’ve set your goals, commit! Remind yourself that gardening isn’t about perfection or having perfect results, but rather about doing the activities! No one is born with a green thumb! Rather, we develop green thumbs through years of doing the same activity over and over! (Read more about that here!)

Don’t Go It Alone!

Gardening is the perfect activity to do with someone else. Plus, having a support person will allow you to have more success, more inspiration, and more accountability! So, find a garden buddy for 2022! It could be your spouse or kids, a neighbor, a coworker, a parent/family member, or a friend. Growing with someone makes the whole process more enjoyable! 

And don’t forget that Planted Places is here to support you as well! Take advantage of our Facebook group, where you can share your successes, questions, and more! 

Planted Places Makes Growing Your Own Food Easy

Image shows the Planted Wall vertical gardening system. The tower contains 18-36 pots which are filled with leafy greens and edible plants. The photo also contains a testimonial, conveying the sentiment of growing your own food with Planted Places. One of our members said,

Planted Places takes the guesswork out of growing your own food with our container garden kits and Planted Wall vertical garden system. Through our monthly membership, you get everything you need to grow edible plants including organic seedlings, organic soil, fertilizer, and soil amendments, plus detailed instructions. We'll also guide you through planting to harvesting with weekly emails, monthly online workshops, and a members-only website, which contains a wealth of helpful info. You'll also have access to Planted MD, our plant "doctor" who can answer any questions you may have if your plants are struggling. So if you're ready to try edible gardening again, here's how you can get started with Planted Places.