Why We Love Growing Herbs in Pots for Beginners

Growing herbs in pots for beginners is recommended because herbs are easy to grow, and there’s a good chance of success. Plus, herbs are prized for their culinary and medicinal uses. Not to mention—herbs produce wonderful fragrances.

Choose to Grow from Seed or Seedlings

The first thing to do when deciding to grow herbs is whether you will start them from seeds or buy seedlings. Of course, the latter option is easier. Starting from seed requires that the seeds germinate. Since pre-grown plants are inexpensive, we will walk you through growing seedlings.

Select Your Gardening Supplies

In addition to buying pre-grown plants, you’ll need a container for each, potting soil, and soil amendments like fertilizer depending on which herbs you’re growing. We recommend using clay or felt pots to avoid single-use plastic containers and their effect on the environment. We also believe in using organic soil and amendments because they are better for our earth (and bodies).

Find the Right Spot and Growing Conditions

Growing herbs in pots are ideal for gardening newbies because you can place the containers in your kitchen near a window or outside on a balcony or patio. You can grow herbs year-round indoors. But if you’d like to grow them outdoors, you’ll need to find out what gardening zone you’re in and plan your herb garden around your region’s last frost date. Some varieties of herbs can grow year-round in Zones 8b and above. 

Whether you’re growing indoors or out, we recommend putting your plants somewhere in your home or outdoor space that you frequent often. That way, you’ll remember to water them, and more importantly, use and admire them. Your plants will need four to six hours of sunlight per day, so choose a location that gets sun. 

Get a Kit: The Easiest Way to Start Growing Herbs in Pots for Beginners

If the list of things you need for growing herbs sounds overwhelming, don’t give up just yet. Instead, let Planted Places take care of it with our Herb Garden Kit, which includes everything you need: organic seedlings, soil and amendments, pots and detailed instructions that take you from planting to harvest.

Planted Places Herb Garden Kit is perfect for Growing Herbs in Pots for Beginners. Photo shows what you get: pots, organic soil and soil amendments plus organic seedlings.
Planted Places Herb Garden Kit​​

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