Plum Regal Tomato Planting Kit

Plum Regal Tomato Planting Kit

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Plum Regal Tomatoes for the 7 Gallon Pot Kit

Each planting kit comes with the following contents to ensure successful growing season of tomatoes:

  • 7 gallon planting container
  • Organic soil amendments to boost organic planting soil (includes  organic fertilizer mix, mycorrhizal fungi powder, worm castings and coir fiber for moisture retention.)
  • Organic Plum Regal tomato mature seedling (8" tall)

Plum Regal tomatoes are a larger growing variety of tomato meant to be planted in a 7 gallon felt pot. These are a tomato that grows to be about four ounces of a blocky oval tomato similar to a roma tomato, just a tad smaller.

The flavor is beautifully sweet with less acidity than a lot of tomatoes offer, with slightly crunchy and a bit thick of skin these tomatoes are great sliced up thin for a salad or dipped in balsamic vinegar, thrown in a sauce, made into a paste, even sauteed to be added to your favorite pasta dishes, or baked with your favorite veggies.

The options are endless! Due to their slightly thicker, deep red skin the health benefits are very pronounced. The lycopene, a substance that naturally produces the red color in tomatoes delivers a wide range of antioxidants to our body, and can promote heart health, cell and skin protection, hair health, proper gut performance, and more when eaten on a regular basis.

These tomatoes all bring about minerals such as natural sugar, a small bit of carbs, protein, water, and potassium. Along with Vitamins K1, B9, and C. The health benefits could even go on further, but not only are these great for your body, they are beautiful in the garden and kitchen.

Try growing Plum Regal Tomatoes with the guidance of our team today! We will answer questions and walk you through step by step what the season brings, as well as shipping the tomato plant and all the amendments, alongside the pot for growing.

All you need to do is get a bag of potting soil, and follow along! We got covered step by step of the way.