Planted Wall Gardening System  - Stand-Alone
Planted Wall Gardening System  - Stand-Alone
Planted Wall Gardening System  - Stand-Alone
Planted Wall Gardening System  - Stand-Alone
Planted Wall Gardening System  - Stand-Alone

Planted Wall Gardening System - Stand-Alone

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A complete system for growing plants in soil on a vertical structure:

  • Durable Planted Wall: powder-coated aluminum frame on wheels
  • Recirculating irrigation system irrigation system,
  • 9 Gallon water basin & float valve
  • High pressure pump for vertical growing - 12V DC brushless
  • 18 hanging pots - manufactured polypropylene for high temperatures, custom designed for vertical growing.
  • 18 premium felt grow bags - allows for plants to aerate and reduces rootbound conditions.

The Planted Wall has been designed for growing outdoors. For optimal results, you want to find a spot that gets at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

It takes up a space of 2 feet by 2 feet (roughly the same space as a person standing).

You can grow on a deck, patio, high rise balcony, yard - it's endless the choices.

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We grow with the seasons! So in most climates, you will be able to grow year round. If you are growing with the Planted membership, you can pause your subscription at anytime or skip shipments if you're traveling for extended periods of time or the rough winter or summer season gets in the way.

If you live in a location where the temperatures dip below freezing, then you will want to wait until night temperatures are in the 40's consistently.

On the occasional dips into the 30's, you can cover with a sheet or bring them indoors for that time period. The breeze is good for plants and helps to keep bugs at bay so growing outdoors is optimal.

For warmer environments (above 90 degrees consistently), you'll want to grow heat tolerant fruiting plants (tomatoes and peppers) and herbs primarily.

This is the fun part! The Planted wall makes it easy to grow because so many of the maintenance steps are taken care of and the soil ensures your plants are healthy.

We recommend setting a timer for the irrigation system so that it waters automatically based on your climate requirements and attaching a water hose to the float valve for automatic refill of the water basin.

Frequent check-in on the plants is always good to make sure they're growing in nicely and to watch for any insects that may want to eat your plants.

Based on your seedling replenishment frequency, you can expect to spend ~ 5 minutes per plant to recondition soil and replant.

If you don't have electricity or water nearby, we have options so make sure to contact

We teach you every step along the way! We make it easy and fun with instructions, videos, weekly tips and a private Facebook community.

You get access to a step-by-step digital course that teaches you all the basics for growing successfully.

Find the Planted MD on the membership website. Send in images and questions regarding your plants and you'll get custom feedback.

We teach you how to recondition your soil as you grow, and you learn how to use the greens and herbs in you're cooking as well as wellness tips and self-care.

Use collapsible tabs for more detailed information that will help customers make a purchasing decision.

Ex: Shipping and return policies, size guides, and other common questions.

Grow Fresh Herbs and Leafy Greens in Living Soil Almost Anywhere

Want to grow your own food but don’t have the space? Meet the Planted Wall. This Vertical Garden System takes up about the space of a person, so you can put it almost anywhere. Think patios, balconies and other small spaces. With the Planted Wall, you grow food in soil like nature intended, not expensive hydroponic solutions. Plus, it rolls and rotates, so you can move it with the sun. 

Planted wall

Durable Planted Wall: powder-coated aluminum frame, made for outdoor, harsh environments. Non-corrosive and infinitely recyclable, just like high-end patio furniture.

Certified Organic Seedlings: Your purchase includes enough seedlings to fill your Plante Wall. They get replenished throughout the year with the membership.

Recirculating Watering System saves water and includes pump, irrigation system, valves, inline filter, and self-cleaning emitters. Saves water,

9-Gallon Premium Water Basin with float valve for automatic water refilling.

Sturdy Pots 

Proprietary Organic Soil rich in microbial activity for growing healthy plants.

Essential Organic Soil Amendments and Garden Tools for sustainable gardening.

Garden Training and Ongoing support with access to our private online community, so you can learn as you go.

Members-Only Website, VIP pricing and Deep-Dive Workshops with tutorials, monthly care guides, and video support to ensure your success.


It's that easy! We take care of the details and provide you with everything you need to grow year round! You plant seedlings, watch them grow in, graze along the way, harvest when plant is ready, and then start again!

Don't you wish everything in life was this easy!

Your Planted Membership
Comes Bundled With:

🌱 Gardening and wellness coaching

🌱 Monthly gardening workshops

🌱 DIY project workshops to create bath, wellness, and beauty products with what you're growing.

🌱 Cooking tutorials, interviews, and recipes with chefs and nutritionists

Organic and Fresh
Seasonal Seedlings

Planted Places' mission is to help you grow your own food in living soil—the easiest way possible. That means we take great care in choosing the seedling varieties we send you. 

In every shipment, you'll receive top-performing low-maintenance seedlings for your gardening enjoyment.

Growing in Soil is the Healthiest Way to Grow

🌱 Soil is a living thing, and it contains a superhighway of microbial activity and carbon, which fuels the planet. As it turns out, the human microbiome has similar microbial activity. So it makes sense to grow the food that sustains us in soil.

🌱 Planted Places' proprietary soil is loaded with the stuff plants need to produce mega nutrients for us to consume and free of harmful pesticides.

🌱 Soil stores carbon and removes CO2 from our atmosphere. So when we grow in soil, we help our planet.

Grow in Soil for your Health - and save the planet at the same time.

Get a Consult!

Not sure if your space or climate is going to work for the Planted Wall. Schedule a free consultation with Christy!



My garden wall is simply fantastic! It’s easy to care for and I love being able to go pick fresh greens and add to the meal I am making. Plus it looks beautiful and adds a stunning visual to my back patio.


When I think about the amount of money I spend at Whole Foods only to let things go to waste, there is no doubt in my mind about the benefits of having living greens growing at arm’s reach. The thing practically maintains itself. This is such a well-researched and informed approach to micro-gardening even in the most urban and garden-unfriendly venues.


I love that I know I’m eating the freshest produce that is pesticide free, all organic, and growing in the richest soil. I can taste the difference. It’s so easy to grow! 


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