Garden Planting Plans

Garden Planting Plans

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Planting plans take the guesswork out of planting a garden and make a thoughtful gift.

Planting plans are customized hand-drawn guides that show you exactly where to put your plants and how to space them. Along with the drawing, you will receive a full planting plan guide to follow as you plant your garden. The plans are created based on what you want to grow, your growing space/garden area and any circumstances or limitations that you are experiencing (such as shade or dampness).

Planting plans can be used for raised bed veggie gardens or other planting areas. Maybe you want a special garden space - like a tea garden or a pollinator garden! Or perhaps you have a damp space that you want to turn into a rain garden. A custom planting plan can help you get started!

All planting plans utilize an intensive planting technique and a polyculture (companion planting) approach to yield the best results!