Empress of India Nasturtium (Floral)

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Nasturtium have beautifully bright coloured flowers and once established, will grow just about anywhere. The flowers and leaves can be included in salads, stuffed like zucchini flowers or chopped up into stir frys. The seeds and young buds can be pickled and used as a replacement for capers.

Those who have eaten Nasturtium leaves or flowers will know that they have an intense fiery bite. It is this characteristic that also gives this plant its major medicinal actions. Nasturtium leaves can be used on wounds to help fight infection being a strong antiseptic. The seeds can be ground to a paste and painted onto fungal infections of the toe nails. The pungent vapours released when eating nasturtium are also wonderful for bronchitis and other infections of the lungs. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are particularly high in vitamin C, in the past theses were given to help cure scurvy.

Article credit: Kombu

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