Tomato Planting Kits! 

We are offering a Tomato Planting Kit for the larger varieties that are show stoppers: Plum Regal and Sun Gold.  Each kit comes with everything you need to grow successfully - organic mature tomato seedling, 7 gallon planter, organic soil amendments to boost the living soil for vigorous growth all season long, and coconut coir for water retention.

Plum Regal Tomato

Plum Regal tomatoes are a larger growing variety of tomato meant to be planted in a 7 gallon felt pot. These are a tomato that grows to be about four ounces of a blocky oval tomato similar to a roma tomato, just a tad smaller.

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Sungold Tomato

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes are one of the most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes grown in home gardens and for good reason. They are just so sweet! The beautiful pop of orange added to your patio garden will not only be sweet but will also give you some of that classic acidic tomato taste you know and love.

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