Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($900) + Planted Membership ($55/ Every 2 Months)

Regular price $900.00

Your Organic Planted Wall System comes with everything you need to get started...Mobile Vertical Growing Wall, proprietary soil and fertilizers, and organic seedlings.

* True organic greens (salad/stir fry greens, micro-greens, herbs, and edible flowers) - with proprietary organic soil to fill pots.

* Mobile Wall System - complete with recirculating pump, irrigation system, and timer.

* Seedling Replenishment program - year-round seedling shipments with nutrient-dense soil and OMRI Listed® fertilizers and pest controls delivered on demand.

* Custom curated seedlings, including many rare and heirloom varieties you’ll never find in your local grocery store or garden center.

* Soil refreshment and OMRI organic standard amendments

* Tutorial, care guides, and video support to ensure your organic farming success


* 68" high, 22" wide, and 21" deep (roughly the size of a person), with a 9 Gallon Water Basin

* The 18 pot units come with that many plant pots on 1 side. The 36 pot units come with that many plant pots to fill both sides.


* Mobile Aluminum Wall Planter Recirculating Watering System with Water Basin.

* 18 - 36 Organic Seedlings (greens, herbs, fruits, edible flowers), depending on the size of Farm Wall you choose.

* Organic Proprietary Soil + Fertilizer Nutrient Packs 18 - 36 Pots and Felt Bags, depending on the size of Farm Wall you selected. (The 18 pot units have the option to expand in the future to 36 respectively)

* Harvesting and Care guides

* Your Wall ships free (ground shipping), and comes in multiple boxes, including hardware, soil, and seedlings

* Local Delivery is also free this spring due to Covid 19 (within 25 mi. of Los Gatos)

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Please contact us for any shipping or return questions

Membership includes: 

* Replenishment seedlings (as frequently as monthly if needed during the height of the growing season)

* Seasonal packs of amendments to keep your plants and soil healthy

* Seasonal shipments of soil

* Newsletters and videos to help you succeed, and entice you to grow and prepare not only select garden favorites, but also some exciting unusual varieties

Membership Subscription Details: 

* Payment options are monthly, quarterly or annual (annual includes a 15% discount)

* No matter your payment option, you’ll receive seedlings and amendments when you need them, as often as once a month.

* Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we think it’s time to replenish, and you get to confirm every new seedling shipment before we send it. That way it’s easy for you to delay its arrival by a week or so if you need to.

* Your membership can also be paused at any time, please contact us for details. For a successful start, we do recommend you schedule your Farm Wall to arrive when you'll be there to tend to it regularly as you learn how it works.