Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)
Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)

Planted Wall System, 36 pots ($750) + Planted Membership ($60/ replenish)

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Grow Fresh Herbs and Leafy Greens in Living Soil Almost Anywhere

Want to grow your own food but don’t have the space? Meet the Planted Wall. This Vertical Garden System takes up about the space of a person, so you can put it almost anywhere. Think patios, balconies and other small spaces. With the Planted Wall, you grow food in soil like nature intended, not expensive hydroponic solutions. Plus, it rolls and rotates, so you can move it with the sun. This version of the wall is bundled with seedling replenishing and garden training. 

You grow leafy greens and herbs in healthy living soil but with a modern twist. The Planted Wall is a self-watering and self-fertilizing vertical garden system! It maximizes the number of plants you can grow because you plant the seedlings vertically. Plus, you use less soil and water than with a traditional garden because each plant grows in its own pot and the water recirculates.

When you purchase a Planted Wall, you get everything you need to begin growing an edible garden. You’ll be harvesting leafy greens and herbs in 30 days! This Planted Wall Bundle comes with seedling replenishment along with the membership.

Your first replenishment shipment will occur 2 months after your initial shipment. Thereafter, it will be delivered monthly. You have the choice to change the frequency of your replenishment at any time. In addition, you automatically become a Planted Member which gives you access to garden training plus other member perks (see below for the details)!

We grow year round grow outside year-round when you grow food in the Planted Wall—even in cold temperatures. Find out just how low the temperatures can go with winter leafy greens.

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As a member perk, you get access to your own garden coach! Members can send images and videos of their plants and can expect a 24 hour turnaround on answers to specific questions! This perk alone is worth the membership value.

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee all of our organic seedlings. If any seedlings do not arrive safely, we will replace them for you!

How it Works

We provide you with everything you need to grow year round! You take care of your health and the planet at the same time! The box arrives, follow the instructions for planting, place pots on the wall, and watch it grow in!


Why We Believe Soil is Best

Growing in Soil is the Healthiest Way to Grow



How much space does it take and where can I place the Planted Wall system?

The Planted Wall system holds up to 36 pots (2-sides) or 18 plants (1-sided) and takes up 2 square feet and stands just shy of 6 feet tall.   You will want a location that gets a minimum of 4-6 hours of sun a day.  The great news is because it's on wheels - you can move the Wall to the ideal location throughout the year.  If you are growing basil, herbs, micro-tomatoes and other sun-loving plants - you'll want to have even more sun but you can get away with 4-6 hours if you are primarily growing lettuce and leafy greens.  6 hours is ideal - you will have faster growth which means a quicker time to harvest.

How does the watering system work?

The Planted Wall automates the watering.  Here's how it does it - there is a dripper system on the top of each column that drips through each pot so that plants are watered evenly.  This is critical when growing food and a major defect when growing in a raised bed.  Oftentimes the plant is not planted near a dripper and thus does not receive adequate watering and ultimately does not thrive.  Each column has an on/off valve to adjust water flow.  Not all greens want the same amount so you can adjust accordingly.  The water recirculates so that you are not losing precious nutrients as well as you cut down your water usage.  The water basin holds 9 gallons of water and comes with a float valve that you can hook up to a water spigot.  This means the basin will automatically refill as the water is used by the system.  A timer can be added to the system to automate the watering schedule.  The timer connects to your home wifi system and then you can control the watering system wherever you go -  from an app.  As you can see, we've optimized the system to eliminate fail points that most people encounter.

What's the Return / Refund Policy?

As our Planted subscription includes living plants, we offer replacements if they are damaged in any way. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of the Planted Wall for any reason, you can return your unit.

What's included in the Planted membership?

This is what ultimately makes Planted Places so unique!  It's a membership service that includes a box subscription that features everything you need to learn how to grow and cook the healthiest, best tasting leafy greens and herbs in living soil at home!   Along with your Planted Wall system, you'll receive specialty organic seedlings, organic living soil and organic amendments like worm castings and mycorrhizal fungi, and artisan gift surprises monthly to go with what you're growing. You also receive tutorials and coaching to guide you throughout the year.

Once your wall is fully planted - you can choose between 6, 12, or 18 seedlings to receive monthly, every 2 months, or quarterly -  along with soil amendments and other supplies needed for projects.  We also send you microgreens with each shipment.  Your Planted Wall system provides a growing kit to grow microgreens at home.  We change up what we grow throughout the year - during warm summer months, we grow tomatoes, basil and peppers along with lettuce, leafy greens and all types of herbs.  Whether you receive your box on a monthly, bi-monthly (every 2 months), or quarterly basis - you can still participate in the monthly programming that we provide which include cooking classes, nutritional interviews and challenges, weekly yoga classes and mindfulness mini-series, and weekly gardening training - plus the special bonus trainings we do throughout the year. 

You'll be invited to be part of a private FB Planted Community where we go live frequently to teach gardening tips, post tips, share successes, and feature online classes with our Planted Live partners.  This month we are launching our private member website to house all of our training and tutorials.  It's a packed full membership that is so much more than seedlings in a box.  It's about a healthy lifestyle and we're doing everything we can to create this in our membership because healthy living starts first and foremost with growing the healthiest, best tasting greens!

How will I receive my seedlings and how long before I can start to harvest the plants? 

The seedlings we send to are at the perfect time for transplanting into a larger pot.  Depending on the time of year -you can expect 2-4 weeks until harvest.  In the peak growing season (April through October/November in Northern California and even longer in Southern California) - lettuces will be ready to be harvested within 2 weeks or less.  Leafy greens take a little longer but will stay in the Wall longer.  Herbs are similar to Leafy Greens in that they will take longer to grow in.  Some are shipped to you in a larger size so there is minimal waiting.  Harvesting the plants is more like grazing - you will take 2-3 leaves off a plant at a time and harvesting continues for 4-8 weeks (depending on the variety) and herbs continue throughout the season - often longer.

Can I grow year round?

YES! We grow with the seasons. That means we work with growers to provide the organic seedlings that will thrive during the different seasons of the year.

The Planted subscription is intended for growing outdoors. The ideal location is a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

If you live in a location where the temperatures dip below freezing, then you will want to wait until night time temperatures are in the 40's consistently. On the occasional dips into the 30's you can cover with a sheet or bring them indoors for that time period. The breeze is good for plants and helps to keep bugs at bay so growing outdoors is optimal.

You can pause your subscription at anytime or skip shipments if you're traveling for extended periods of time or the rough winter season gets in the way.

What if I've never gardened before? How easy is it?

We teach you every step along the way!We make it easy and fun with instructions, videos, weekly tips, and a private Facebook community.Each month you will receive new plants and learn how to grow them and use them in your cooking.

What if I have limited time?  

This system is seriously made for people who want to do something for their health but have limited time and knowledge (sometimes space) yet still want to learn how to grow food.  This was seriously me.  I always wanted to grow food but was not successful - mostly because I did not have the knowledge and I was set up to fail in so many ways I didn't even know.  I went to work and developed a system that is built around the principles of healthy living soil and then automated many of the failure points for people.  The time commitment is around 30 minutes once a month to plant your seedlings.  After that - you check on your plants  periodically - but you're not doing anything - you're simply observing the growth, making sure the plants are well hydrated, checking for any issues, and of course grazing off the wall while you look.  Periodically means every other day or on the daily if it's blazing hot, during peak growing months.  The check-in is less often during slower growing months.  What you find is that you come to enjoy this time (3-5 minute coffee break) - and it's amazing how your confidence for growing nutrient dense food for yourself is extremely rewarding.