Seasonal Varieties Bundle
Seasonal Varieties Bundle

Seasonal Varieties Bundle

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Grow the Season's Finest! 

Here's a chance to grow a nice selection of the organic lettuce, leafy greens, herbs and floral varieties.  We work directly with certified organic growers to bring you the freshest, organic seedlings shipped directly to you at their peak! 

We change with the seasons so the plants will thrive in the season they're meant to grow in. 

Because we care about our planet and think growing in living soil make all the difference in a healthy seedling - we also provide a special pack of organic amendments to go along with the seedlings that feed the soil so that your plants are set up for success.    

Sign-up for recurring shipments, to make sure you are never waiting for seedlings to grow in for the final harvest! 

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Seedlings in Bundle

This is an example of seedlings included in the bundle this month. However plants may change based on availability.

Click on seedling photo for more info!

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