Mother's Day Succulent Gift Basket

Mother's Day Succulent Gift Basket

There is a lot of love and care that goes into a homemade gift and giving one to someone is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. This Mother’s day you can show your mom love with the Planted Places DIY Succulent Basket Kit. You can build this basket yourself and fill it with your mom's favorite things; or you can get crafty and creative together and use this basket as a way to spend quality time with one another. Getting started with a DIY project can be overwhelming so we have provided you with everything you’ll need to make this basket, but don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch with decorative ribbons and emblems that are special to you and your mom.

To make it easy for you to build your succulent basket kit we’ve created a step by step guide that you can follow while you get crafty. You can also visit our YouTube channel or play the video below to watch the building process in action and see how everything comes together!

Before you start, make sure you have all of the supplies you will need.

DIY Basket Kit Contents Your DIY succulent basket Kit will include:
  • 15 Succulent cuttings
  • Assorted Decorative Moss
  • Ribbons and Raffia for Decorating
  • Florist wire
  • Complete Build Instructions

To build your basket you will need:

  • Scissors and/or Wire Cutters
  • Glue gun and Glue

Part 1 : The Moss

The first step to building your basket will be to give it an organic and beautiful look with decorative moss. The moss will also serve as a way to secure the succulents into your basket. Here’s how to add the moss to your basket:

Step 1 - Attach Wire to Basket

  • Cut a piece of florist wire about 10-15” long.
  • Attach one end of the wire to the edge of the basket about 3” away from the handle, by poking it through a hole and winding it around itself.

Step 2 - Attach The Moss

  • At the base of each handle line the rim of your basket with sphagnum moss. This is the moss that is brownish in color, it will form a base layer for the succulents to root themselves in.
  • Loop the wire over the moss and through the holes in the basket (almost like sewing with thread) in order to secure the moss. Repeat this on the other side of the basket

Step 3 - Add Decorative Moss

  • Layer the brighter green moss on top of your sphagnum moss base. This moss will not only give the succulents more to root themselves in but it will also give your basket a pop of color!
  • Secure the decorative moss on top with florist wire as before.

Sheet moss attached to basketAttaching Decorative moss to basket

* You may need to use more than one piece of wire to ensure your moss is securely attached to the basket.

Part 2 : Add Decorative Ribbon

Your kit includes two wired ribbons and colored raffia ribbons, but don’t be afraid to add your own decorative ribbons to the basket to give it your own personal touch.

Step 1 - Fold your Decorative Ribbon

  • For our basket we created a concertina fold in the wired burlap ribbon before attaching it to the basket.
  • To do this, simply fold the ribbon back on itself at regular intervals.
  • Once you’ve folded your ribbon, cut it to the correct length so that it circles your basket with a small overlap.

Step 2 - Secure the Ribbon

  • Add a spot of glue to the ribbon and a spot of glue to the basket and attach the two at that point.
  • Continue this at regular intervals until your ribbon is wrapped around the basket.
  • Cut off any excess ribbon and glue down the overlapping edge.

*Special Note for Concertina Fold:

If you use the concertina fold in your burlap ribbon you may want to secure it with a narrower colorful ribbon or piece of raffia. To do this, simply cut the ribbon so that you can wrap it around the basket and still have room to tie a stylish bow. Once you have tied your second decorative ribbon tightly, you can secure it with glue.

Concertina Ribbon FoldDecorative Ribbon

Part 3 : Secure Larger Succulents

Some of the succulent cuttings you receive may have thicker stems which can be difficult to insert into the moss. To make sure that these succulents stay secure you will need to wrap additional wire around them:

Step 1 - Cut the Wire

  • Using scissors or wire cutters, cut a 4” piece of floral wire.

Step 2 - Clear Succulent stem

  • Clear the succulent stem of any leaves to provide a clean, approx. 1/2” long piece of stem.

Step 3 - Wind the Wire

  • Starting just below the lowest leaf on your succulent, wind the wire around the stem until you reach the end of it. Make sure to leave about 2’’ of wire extending past the stem. This will be used to poke into the moss and secure the succulent.
  • For succulents with thicker stems you can poke the wire through the stem before you begin to wrap it.

Clear Stem and Wire SucculentWired Succulents

Part 4 : Add your Succulents!

Step 1 - Group your Succulents

  • Arrange your succulent cuttings into two groups, one for each side of your basket, making sure that the two groups have a variety of different sizes, colors and textures.

Step 2 - Attach Succulents

  • Begin by first attaching the larger succulents around the base of the basket handle.
  • Dab a small spot of glue onto the succulent cutting at the top of the stem and poke it into the moss securing it with the glue.
  • For succulents with wire attached, poke the wire into the moss until the succulent stem is embedded in the moss base, secure the wire end to the basket.

Note for thick succulents:

If succulent stems are thick you may want to use your scissor tips to create a small hole in the moss so that you can push the stem in and ensure that it is secure.

Succulent Basket Close UpSucculent Basket Complete

Step 5 : Fill your basket!

Succulent Gift Basket

Fill these baskets with everything and anything that will let your mom know just how special she is. You can create themes for your baskets that are customized to your mom’s favorite things. Here are a few ideas for how to create themed baskets that your mom will love:

Mom needs a break - Spa Day Baskets

  • Spa certificates
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Bombs
  • Facial masks
  • Message certificates
  • Her favorite candle  
  • Dry scrub brush
  • Moisturizing lotions

Mom’s a wizard in the Kitchen - Cooking Themed Baskets

  • Small Cookbooks
  • Ingredients for her favorite recipe
  • That new cooking appliance she has her eye on
  • A personalized cooking apron
  • A gift card to her favorite restaurant

Mom is fit and sporty - Fitspo themed Baskets

  • A gift card to her favorite athletic store
  • A new Swell water bottle
  • A gift card certificate to her favorite exercise class
  • The perfect athletic socks
  • A few of her favorite energy boosting snacks

Mom throws the best Parties - Hosting themed Baskets

  • Nice bottle of wine
  • Artisan cheeses
  • Artisan herb flavoured crackers
  • Marcona almonds
  • New Cheese knives
  • A gift certificate to a local butchery
  • Cocktail napkins

Picnic Succulent Gift Basket