Bring Plants In, Let Stress Go!

Bring plants in, let stress go

Mental health governs how we “think, feel and act” - especially in relation to stress. Our lives are filled with stressors and it is important that we actively manage them, in order to maintain our mental well being!

In honor of this past month being Mental Health Awareness month,  let's learn how to bring plants into our life to improve our mental health.

Plants naturally filter the air we breathe, as a result creating a healthier living environment, free of harmful toxins. In a recent study done by Nasa it was found that plants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Clean air is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing and when our environment is healthy we are inherently more happy! In addition to improving the quality of our air, studies have also shown that interacting with nature helps to reduce stress and increase productivity. By bringing plants into your home and outdoor spaces you will be able to benefit from their many restorative properties, enhance the beauty of your home and keep up to date with the “urban jungle” trend.

Indoor living wall plant sanctuary

Given their natural beauty and the health benefits they provide, there is no reason you shouldn’t be filling every corner of your home with plants. There is no better way to do this than with a living wall. Download our Leafy Indoor Living Wall E-Book to learn more about the variety of living walls you can bring into your home. In a previous study done by Nasa it was recommended that one need only 15-20 houseplants to clean the toxins from the air of an average 2000 square foot home. There is no better way to pack your house with plants than in a living wall!

Here are some ideas on how you can fill your home with plants to reduce stress and increase your mental wellbeing.

Put Plants in your Bedroom

At night some plants do not continue to go through the process of photosynthesis and as a result they do not release oxygen. However, there are certain plants that continue to emit oxygen into the night time and these are the ones you should keep on your bedside table. Having clean air circulating in your bedroom at night may help you get those extra hours of sleep that you need. You may even wake up in the morning feeling more energized and refreshed!

Plants that emit oxygen at night and Promote Better Sleep:

  • Succulents
  • Snake Plants
  • Bromeliads
  • Aloe Vera
Snake plant Bromeliad plant

Put Plants in your Office Space

Instagram Blogger workspace

Plants have been proven to increase productivity and reduce stress and everyone from digital nomads to office dwellers are using them to fill their work spaces.

Lee from America, a prolific lifestyle blogger, does most of her work from home.

Here are some of the plants she fills her work space with:

  • Monstera
  • Philodendron
  • Devils Ivy
  • Maranta (Prayer) Plant

    Monstera plantPrayer plant

    Living walls are popular in more communal open plan workspaces. Putting a living wall in an office space gives everyone the opportunity to be surrounded by the natural beauty of plants. Studies have shown the presence of plants in an office environment can improve people’s perceptions of concentration and workplace satisfaction allowing them to relax and making them more productive. These communal “green” spaces also create environments where people can gather and enjoy the greenery.

    Office space with living wall

    Put plants in your shower for natural aromatherapy  

    Add a bundle of Eucalyptus to your shower head to give yourself a relaxing spa experience in your own home. The heat and steam from your shower activates the essential oils in the Eucalyptus which can ease congestion and help you relax.This is its own kind of vertical garden, you can even add other plants of your choice that have aromatic effects, such as lavender.

    Eucalyptus in the shower

    You can also put a living wall in your bathroom! Not only will this promote relaxation and give you a spa like experience every time you take a bath but it will also help to filter out the natural toxins and scents that accumulate in a bathroom.

    Living wall in bathroom

    Living Walls in Living Rooms

    For many people, living rooms are the hub of a home, where people go in and out of a lot. This may be the place where you like to entertain or just lay back and relax. Bringing a living wall into your living room will remove toxins from this centralized area of the home, wow your guests and help you relax on those nights when you just want to kick back and read a book.

    Living wall in living room

    Garden Sanctuaries

    Given the trend of bringing plants inside and creating #urbanjungles, sometimes we forget about the timeless beauty of gardens in our outdoor spaces. Using living walls and other creative ways to create garden beds you can turn your backyard into a plant sanctuary. When you’ve had a long and busy day, stepping out into a plant filled backyard will surely put your mind at rest and help you to relax.

    Place your living wall in a spot where you can enjoy it, add a couple of adirondacks and you have yourself a peaceful place to relax.

    Outdoor living wall garden sanctuary

    Why not head to an antique store or a local flea market and pick up some unwanted items that you can transform into beautiful garden planters.

    Gardening in a bathtub


    As you start to incorporate plants into every part of your home, you will begin to notice improvements in your mood and wellbeing. Plants give us something to take care of and watch grow. Caring for something provides people with a sense of purpose and because of this plants have been proven to reduce loneliness and symptoms of depression. Issues with mental health are complicated and diverse but incorporating plants into your life is a good way to start creating the spaces that will help you to stay healthy and happy.